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One day I decided to make a GaGa Pit.  Hard hard could that be?

Boards - check

Nuts and bolts and washers - check

A way to connect everything - hmmm

Why a GaGa Bracket?

When it comes to GaGa Pits, you can purchase one for thousands of dollars or you can make one.  Making one sounds easy, but it's not.  You can purchase the lumber, nuts, bolts and washers at your local big box store, but figuring out out how to connect the sides at the correct angle that looks good, is affordable and is easy to assemble can be a challenge.

I searched the internet for a solution, but could not find what I was looking for.  Everything was too complicated, too ugly or too expensive.  If I was going to do this right, I would need to design and build my own brackets.  So I did.

It had to be sturdy - made from one piece of solid aluminum

It had to be easy to assemble - just four boards per side with one bolt on each end

It had to be inexpensive - costs less than other options

It had to be long lasting - use pressure treated lumber or composite lumber

It had to look good - I think it looks good as is, but you can always paint it

It had to offer multiple heights - the same bracket can make a 24" tall pit or a 30" tall pit

It had to offer multiple sides - make a smaller 6 sided or a standard 8 sided pit

The GaGa Bracket

How Big Can I Make My Gaga Pit?

(widths are side to side, not corner to corner)

For a six sided, 14' wide pit, use 8' long boards

For a six sided, 17' wide pit, use 10' long boards

For a six sided, 21' wide pit, use 12' long boards

For an eight sided, 19' wide pit, use 8' long boards

For an eight sided, 24' wide pit, use 10' long boards

For an eight sided, 29' wide pit, use 12' long boards

For a 24" tall pit, use four 6" wide boards per side

For a 30" tall pit, use three 6" wide boards and one 12" wide upper board per side

How Much Will My GaGa Pit Cost?


Typically from $200 to $400 depending on the number of sides and the length of the sides


3/8" by 2" long, galvanized carriage bolts, 3/8" galvanized nuts, and 3/8" galvanized washers = $100 (click on SHOP GAGA BRACKETS to purchase)


6 GaGa Brackets = $350 (click on SHOP GAGA BRACKETS to purchase)

8 GaGa Brackets = $425 (click on SHOP GAGA BRACKETS to purchase)


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Composite lumber will cost more

I do not recommend using thinner or non pressure treated lumber

I also do not recommend using zinc plated hardware

Outer View

Washers and nuts should be on the outside

Inner View

Carriage bolt heads should be on the inside

Hole Placement

Using a 1/2" diameter drill bit, drill a hole into each end of your side boards. For 6" wide boards, the hole should be in the center of the board and 1" from the edge of the board. If you are building a 30" tall GaGa Pit, the hole for the 12" wide top board will need to be offset.

Bottom Plate

For outdoor use, a bottom plate should be added to each GaGa Bracket. This will keep the corners from sinking into the ground and will create a gap between the side boards and the ground for water to drain out. You can use the same type of lumber that you used for the side boards. Cut the lumber into 8 10" long pieces and use the GaGa Bracket as a template to mark the hole locations. For indoor use, a piece of rubber or thick felt can be glued to the bottom of each GaGa Bracket to keep the metal brackets from scratching the floor.

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